The Angola's climatic and edaphological conditions, allow a great variety of cultivation options, some have comming been produced since colonial times, as is the case of the olive grove, although without a precise methodology or means to position the potential of these crops in the Region.

Our goal is to enter the precise variables..
 We start from the experience of our crops in Andalusia, the cultivation techniques, selection of trees varieties and means for adaptation.

.Super-intensive olive grove in  Granada. Andalusia. Spain


We are farmers. 

We have plantations in Spain and we belong to agricultural cooperatives of Andalusia


... for production in Angola to become transformation and added value we must follow this path.

Research, trials, nurseries and knowledge transfer will mark the way.

Efficient adaptability

Angola has its Mediterranean fringe. Zones in which the intervals of temperature, rainfall, degree of humidity and edaphological conditions are similar to those collected in the southern fringe of the Mediterranean, so the potential to replicate crops is important.